Biacore T100


Biacore T100 is a versatile, label-free system for detailed studies of biomolecular interactions. It is fully automated and enables fast screening of many interactions. The chips are equipped with four flow cells offering three ligands to be tested simultaneously (first flow cell serves as a reference cell for non-specific binding). For the high throughput analysis microtiter plates with 384 wells can be used. Analysis temperature range spans from  4° C to 45° C and temperature control of sample cmpartment is possible for the unstable samples. Built-in buffer selector enables up to four different buffers to be tested in the same run. Sample recovery for identification by mass spectrometry is possible.


Sample load automatic
Size limit > 100 Da
Flow rate 1-100 μl/min
Typical concentrations (proteins) pM-μM
Sample volume 60-120 μl
Refractive index 1.33-1.40
Analysis temperature 4-45 °C
Flow cell 4
Reference subtraction yes
different buffer conditions yes
Sample concentration 10-3-10-11 M
Association constant (ka) 103-107 M-1s-1
Dissociation constant (kd) 10-5-0.5 s-1
Baseline noise < 0.1 RU
Baseline drift < 0.3 RU/min
Calibration-free concentration analysis yes
Single-cycle titration yes


Gregor Bajc

Biotehniška fakulteta

Večna pot 111, 1000 Ljubljana


  • Specification
  • Biacore T100 Instrument Handbook
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