Biacore X100


Biacore X100 (GE Healthcare) is automated surface plasmon resonance based refractometer. It can be used for the analysis of 15 different analytes in single run. The chip with two flow cells are compatible with Biacore X. The unit has incorporated degasser and offers single-cycle titration and calibration-free concentration analysis.


Measurment possibilities affinity (KD), kinetics (ka, kd), active concentration, thermodynamics
Sample load automatic
Size limit > 100 Da
Flow rate 1-100 μl/min
Typical concentrations (proteins) pM-μM
Sample volume 50-120 μl
Refractive index 1.33-1.40
Analysis temperature 4-45 °C
Number of flow cells 2
Reference subtraction yes
different buffer conditions yes
Sample concentration 10-3-10-11 M
Association constant (ka) 103-107 M-1 s-1
Dissociation constant (kd) 10-5-0.5 s-1
Baseline noise < 0.1 RU
Baseline drift < 0.3 RU/min
Calibration-free concentration analysis yes
Single-cycle titration yes


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