MOSBRI conference

11. 03. 2024

3rd MOSBRI conference

The 3rd MOSBRI conference will provide a carefully curated overview of the latest advances in biophysics, bringing together the new generation of young European biophysicists with established experts in the field. The full list of session topics includes Macromolecular interactions, kinetics and dynamics, Emerging approaches in biophysics (coorganized by Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe), Computational biophysics and AI applications, Integrative structural biology (organized by Instruct-ERIC), Macromolecular design, stability and quality control, and Molecular bioimaging (organized by the Slovenian Biophysical Society). With this diversity of topics, the conference continues to strengthen the connection within a wider community of researchers in structural biology, biochemistry, synthetic biology and biophysics by building bridges between different disciplines and engaging the audience in a multidisciplinary dialog.