MicroCal VP-ITC


The MicroCal VP-ITC is isothermal titration calorimeter that offers the ability to investigate any biomolecular interactions.  It uses the technique of Isothermal Titration Calorimetry to measure the binding affinity and thermodynamic parameters involved in a variety of molecular interactions. It is fast, convenient, label free and in-solution technique which delivers the information needed to characterize the molecular interactions of proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. The system is widely used in research environments for lead optimization, hit validation, assessing the driving mechanisms of binding and studying enzyme kinetics and inhibitor design.


Measurement type Affinity (KD), enthalpy (∆H), Entropy (∆S), Stoichiometry 
Sample volume 2 ml
Cell volume 1400 µL
Injection syringe volume  300 µL
Sample capacity  4-8 per 8h day
 Noise  0,5 ncal/s
 Temperature range  2°C - 80°C
 Response time  20 s


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  • Specification
  • MicroCal VP-ITC Data sheet
  • Single Injection Method software for MicroCal VP-ITC system