QCM (OpenQCM, Novaetech) enables the detection of mass variation by measuring the change in frequency of a quartz crystal resonator. When an alternating current is applied to two golden electrodes, the crystal starts to resonate. When molecules bind to the surface, the thickness of the crystal changes and this translates into a drop in frequency. The device can be used for example to study molecular interactions between proteins and other molecules such as proteins or DNA and also living cells. One of the partners has to be immobilised to the golden electrode. Unpurified samples can be used for analysis.



Measurements mass variation(∆m)
Defaulty frequency 10 MHz
Electrode material and diameter gold, 13.9 mm
Nominal sensitivity up to 4.42x10-9 g Hz-1cm-1
Recommended flow rate 0-100 μl/min
Test cell volume 40 μl
Temperature environmental (is logged)
Using multiple device simultaneously yes (2 available)
Immobilization is needed
Analysis of complex samples yes
Portable device yes
Computer connection microUSB
Open software and open hardware yes
Programming language



Matic Kisovec

Kemijski institut

Hajdrihova ulica 19, 1000 Ljubljana