MST Monolith NT.115


Microscale Thermophoresis Monolith NT.115 (NanoTemper) measures the motion of molecules along microscopic temperature gradients and detects changes in their hydration shell, charge or size.  By combining the precision of fluorescence detection with the flexibility and sensitivity of thermophoresis, MST provides a flexible, robust and fast way to measure molecular interactions.


Measurements Affinity (KD), enthalpy (∆H), stoichiometry, enzyme kinetics
Sample/experiment 16
Fluoroscent chanells 2 (blue, red or green)
Range nM-mM
Labelling yes
Fluorescent molecule concentration 10-9-10-3
Complex media measurements yes
Sample volume 4 μl
Sample mass 10 Da-104 kDa
Experiment and analysis time few minutes
Immobilization not needed
Temperature range 22-45 °C
Maintenance not needed


Katja Pirc

Kemijski inštitut

Hajdrihova ulica 19, 1000 Ljubljana


  • Specification
  • Protein-Small Molecule Interaction Analysis
  • Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis in Different Buffer Systems
  • Protein-DNA Interaction Analysis