Stopped Flow SX-20


The SX20 is used to study kinetics of fast biochemical reactions initiated by the rapid mixing and stopping (stopped-flow) of the reactants. A spectroscopic probe (absorbance or fluorescence) is employed to follow the course of the reaction by recording changes in the amplitude of the spectroscopic signal as a function of time. The study of enzyme catalysis, protein refolding, signal transduction, ligand or drug binding to proteins or DNA and kinetics of coordination chemistry are numbered among the many applications of stopped-flow spectroscopy.


Light source 150 W Xe or 150 Xe-Hg lamp
Lamp stability <0.001 AU peak to peak over time ranges between 100 ms and 1000 s
SF cell volume 20 μL (standard); 5 μL (optional)
Pathlenght (absorbance) 10 mm & 2 mm (5 mm & 1 mm)
Pathlenght (fluorescence) 5.5 mm & 1.5 mm (3 mm & 1 mm)
Dead time 1.1 ms for 1:1 mixing, 1.7 ms for 10:1 mixing
Dead volume < 30 μL
Mixing options single or sequential

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